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Mon – Fr 10.00 – 20.00
Sat – Sun 11.00 – 18.00


120 min € 60  

Lomi-Lomi is a unique healing massage derived from the ancient Polynesians and more specifically the master healers of Hawaii. The massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. Lomi-Lomi helps release the blockages, whilst at the same time giving the energy new direction. On the physical level, through Lomi-Lomi stress and tension are relieved, blood and lymph flow assisted and the elimination of wastes and toxins stimulated.

SIGRE TOMPEL´s practices and learnings include: Tantra, Yoga, Human Design System, Shamanism, bodywork, massage, meditation, Todoesuno™ philosophy. SIGRE does Lomi-Lomi Nui massage sessions, coaches personal growth based on Todoesuno™ H² vision, does Human Design System foundational readings. Additionally she organizes small workshops and events in Estonia, lead by advanced spiritual practitioners and special projects implementing Todoesuno™ vision. 
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