These are box braids with curly strands added to the end or throughout the braids.
Just imagine long flowing beach wave extensions mixed with regular box braids,
and you’ve got the picture.
It is a sweet bohemian style giving you many options to play around with the mixture of braids and curls by pulling them up to a high ponytail or tightening to a bun and always leaving some of these wavy curls out, charmingly springing…
Our braider BENEDICTA comes from Ghana
and welcomes you to try out Goddess Braids at some very special price of 225€
Book online under “SPECIAL OFFERS” here:

MONUPlus Anti-Irritant Soothing Facial with Cucumber to Restore and Calm

This facial will both soothe and protect the skin – a true ‘anti-irritant’ in our menu!
A very special Bamboo Fibre mask rests on your skin, infusing it with a calming and hydrating blend of Allantoin, extracted from the root of the comfrey plant.
The inclusion of Aloe Vera will reduce redness and soothe dry or sore skin whilst the Chamomile Extract will relieve any inflammation, decrease signs of ageing and soothe sensitivity.
This is optimum serum delivery to calm and refresh your face!
Book at super price of 50€