MONUSkin Intensive Ampoule Treatment 45€

This is a prefect remedy for moisturising care and anti-ageing care.
The ampoule we use in this treatment promotes an optimum level of moisture within the skin. The powerful combination of hyaluronic acid and natural cotton extract moisturises and preserves skin suppleness and softness.
Applied on the epidermis, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a non occlusive film and controls the evaporation of water whilst protecting the skin against external factors such as pollution.
Perfect for all skin types.


This is a quick and easy way to enhance your own hair, whether you´re looking for a longer, more luxurious style or simply want to make a shorter style appear thicker and more glamorous. We use synthetic hair extensions as sew-ins so it´s a cost-effective and a healthy way to play around with changing your natural hair colour and length – as a natural blonde, you can have black curls and vice versa – and even right up to your waist! Your own hair is braided tightly to create a base for the hair wefts to be sewn and attached.