MONUSkin Papaya Polish Flash Facial  
30min 37€

Our Exfoliating Enzyme is the perfect alternative to a scrub for a deep thorough exfoliation. The Papaya fruit enzyme sets in motion a specific skin care reaction – it unglues the bonds between dead skin cells, which causes dead skin to exfoliate and slough off. This clever and gentle chemical process does this without disrupting your skins PH, so makes it perfect for sensitive skin. Tightening the pores and reviving the skins texture – leaving a complexion that is both dewy and glowing.

MONUSkin Booster Facial
30min 37€

​A rejuvenating and luxurious 30-minute treatment to benefit you and your skin. Powerful fruit enzymes reveal instantly radiant skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores. Special gel mask smooths fine lines and helps firm facial contours for an instant face-lift effect.
Ideal prior to a special make-up application!  

MONUSkin Energising and Uplifting Facial Massage
30min 27€

A blend of pure essential oils that your skin craves is spread on your face, neck and decolletage while your therapist´s experienced hands know the exact right movements to smooth the fine lines and relax the expression lines.

MONUSkin Facial Massage Combined With Brow Grooming
45min 40€

MONUSkin Deep Cleansing Aromatic Facial
75min 55€

A soothing and beneficial treatment that is suitable for all skin types. The preparations that are used contain the purest essential oils that have been carefully selected to help balance the skin and maintain its youthful appearance.

MONUSkin Hydra Lift Collagen Facial  
75min 57€

​A top-notch treatment that helps the skin to regain elasticity and moisture. The firming ampoule containing pure marine collagen and polysaccharides reduces fine lines and restores a youthful appearance to the skin. Signs of fatigue are gone and using the powerful products combined with lots of massage techniques results in more radiant looking skin.

MONUSkin Wrinkle Solution Eye Treatment
45min 55€

This antiageing treatment assists to rise optimum moisture levels in the skin and suits everybody who suffer from dry, crepey skin around the eyes. The discomfort, tautness and dehydration lines are gone and the radiance and firmness are restored.  

MONUSkin Deep Cleansing Teen Facial
60min 40€

​A much-needed facial for those up to 18 years old. Mechanical and enzymatic actives are combined to refine skin texture and reduce the appearance of impurities. Skin is thoroughly cleansed and soothed afterwards by applying a silky smooth facial mask thus leaving it utterly warmed, nurtured and comforted.