MONUMen Quick Fix
30min 37€
Offers a 30-minute treatment to provide an immediate boost to those complexions in urgent need of an instant pick-me-up. A specialized male treatment. Perfect as a lunchtime treat or prior to a special event. Quickly removes signs of fatigue and stress and incorporates the specialized Vital Gel to cool and revitalize a tired head and scalp.

MONUMen Total Reviver
60min 55€
​For the more indulgent and less time-sensitive man, this unabridged treatment cannot be beaten. An advanced male treatment that uses high performance products, this facial will see the skin properly cleansed, exfoliated and revitalised. In addition to the work done on the Quick Fix, this treatment focuses on releasing tension in the muscles of the shoulders and upper arms. A pressure point facial massage will help decongest and re-energise tired skin.

MONUMen Antiageing Boost
60min 60€
We understand that a man’s skin is very different to a woman’s and requires a different way of treating, thus it requires a special approach to treat the signs of ageing, too. Late nights and long working hours impact heavily upon the condition of men´s skin which requires energy to maintain its vital functions such as immune protection and cell renewal. As our bodies suffer fatigue, so does our skin.

Manicure for Him 22€
Pedicure for Him 33€

“Smooth & Silky Him” HAIR REMOVAL:
Underarm 15€
Legs up to knee 27€
Whole legs 37€
Arms 27€
Stomach 25€
Chest 25€